Tailored solutions that drive your business growth and sustainability

We build customer-centric business solutions that help you take advantage of profit-boosting strategies, robust operations, and efficient processes.


What do we do

BHA Consulting was founded to solve the business challenges of companies in manufacturing, information technology, and non-profit organizations and help them grow and sustain their business.

Whether you are a startup, small to medium, or large-sized company, we can help you. We build robust strategies to amplify your business. We combine innovative thinking with our expertise to develop tailored solutions that help you achieve your long term goals.

How can we help

  • Do you wonder why your organization can’t seem to grow?
  • Do operational issues narrow your profit margins?
  • Do you need new and improved processes to help ensure future success?

We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to help you.

  • Build a new business strategy – We show you how to improve your business performance, align your methods with your vision, and achieve your long-term goals.

  • Gain competitive advantages – We help you analyze your competition and implement effective strategies for leaping ahead of your leading competitors.

  • Improve cash flow – We pinpoint areas where your current processes and systems are limiting your cash flow, giving your organization’s financial health a welcome boost.

  • Streamline business operations – We make your end-to-end operations more effective and efficient, allowing you to optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


BHA Consulting helps organizations just like yours to define their goals, identify the current barriers to achieving those goals, and develop strategies, operational or process improvements that will overcome those barriers. We offer services to help you optimize your:


A strategy is a battle plan for accomplishment. BHA Consulting can help you crystallize your goals and then work out the most effective, efficient ways to direct your energy, budget, and personnel toward those major objectives.

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Even small, subtle inefficiencies in your operations can cause your business to waste precious time, money, and manpower. BHA consulting can help you find and fix those operational weaknesses so you can deliver higher-quality results, both for your customers and within your organization.

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Your business processes give your organization the capabilities necessary to fulfill your short-term and long-term strategies. But what works today may not work next quarter or next year. BHA consulting can analyze your business process in detail and recommend key improvements as needed to keep on track.

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Our Work

Our primary objective is to help our clients grow and sustain their business. Our strong industry and domain expertise allow us to understand complex business issues and build tailored solutions that help our clients navigate change for lasting success.


We helped a leading hi-teach company simplify their complex process and develop an automated tool to make their workflow more efficient.

Strategic Plan

Learn how our team helped a client develop a customized strategic planning process to achieve and maintain an organization’s competitive advantage.

Business Development

We worked closely with a client to develop a plan that helped improve customer satisfaction scores and increase annual revenue by $500K.


We developed a framework to define the strategy and approach to standardize the process for a global IT firm resulting in 30% increase in productivity.

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From Our Clients

Over the years, I have worked with many consultants. I am especially grateful to Anil for his ability to bring his “for-profit” experience to the non – profit sector.I am particularly impressed with Anil’s acumen and ability to help IIBA craft a strategic plan that sets a clear path forward with qualitative and quantitative metrics…

Executive Director, IIBA

Anil has helped me analyze the business to look for ways to improve our company’s marketing and operations processes. He has shown great insights in identifying our key advantages and provided methods of applying these into our overall operations & marketing strategy.

Owner, Erector Sets Inc.

Anil’s skill as a business strategist and coach is outstanding! He was able to guide our organization through the process of starting a new program that we believed would build capacity and provide a funding source for our program. He patiently guided us through… 

Executive Director, SOEW