About Us

We are problem solvers. We are passionate about solving your business challenges and help you succeed.

BHA Consulting LLC, based in Austin, Texas, provides comprehensive, data-driven solutions for businesses seeking to improve their processes, operational efficiency and strategies for future growth.

We are adaptive strategic leaders delivering effective strategic insight and solutions in today’s increasingly dynamic environment and a highly competitive market.

Anil Karakkattu


Anil Karakkattu is the founder and owner of BHA Consulting LLC. Anil has decades of experience in manufacturing, information technology industries, and non-profit organizations, with a focus on strategy and operations. His in-depth knowledge and skills allow him to help clients accomplish business goals through solutions-oriented strategic guidance.

He is an expert in developing business strategies and client-focused solutions that drive business growth while ensuring profitable margins. He is an adaptive leader, with a reputation for being successful in the ever-changing environment, challenging status-quo, collaborating, and building strong relationships with customers to achieve their business goals.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Anil served as an award-winning global operations leader, with core expertise in leading quote-to-cash operations in global firms such as Oracle and Infosys.

As a BHA Consulting client, you’ll get the direct benefits of Anil’s many years of demonstrated skill, experience, and expertise. He tailors his wisdom, advice, support, and data-based methodologies to suit your organization’s individual needs and goals. This personalized approach ensures you can achieve the results you seek.

Our mission is to deliver affordable and quality solutions that help our customers strengthen their capabilities for growth and sustainability.

How we work

We engage in a collaborative discussion and ask the right questions to gather all the necessary information and ensure alignment with client needs.

Our in-depth understanding of the industries gives us the advantage to clearly understand business challenges and the impact on the overall organization. We analyze and delve deeper to identify problems and risks in the existing strategy and operations.

We do not provide “of the shelf” or “temporary” solutions to solve the immediate issue, instead, we take a holistic approach to address the overall business problem. We combine innovative thinking with our expertise to develop solutions that build organizational capabilities, improves performance resulting in long term benefits and overall organizational growth.

Our Values

Building “trust” and “relationship” with our customers are the foundation of our company. Our values are built on these two pillars to consistently exceed customer expectations.


Customer success is our success. We take a customer-centric approach to develop solutions that deliver exceptional results. We go above and beyond to provide great customer service and experience.


Our brand reputation is important. We perform all our actions with the utmost integrity and ethics to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers.


We do not compromise the quality of our services. We ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our solutions.


We take accountability for all our actions and deliver on our promises.


We are passionate about solving our customer’s challenges and help them succeed.


We challenge our mindset each time to continue “outside the box” thinking and develop innovative solutions that deliver great value to our customers.