Managing data is crucial for any organization as accurate data enables effective decision making and keeps their business floating with a competitive market.


A leading hi-tech company’s master data management process involved high manual intervention for data entry in SAP, which led to,
  • Delay in turnaround time.
  • Risk of SLA breach due to low output quality.
  • Increase in customer escalations.


In order to simplify the complex process, a detailed study was done to understand and evaluate the existing process. The root cause and complexities in the process were identified. We came up with a solution to develop an automated tool to address this issue. This tool eliminated manual data entry into SAP enabling fast processing of transactions, eliminated errors, decreased operational costs, and significantly increased productivity and efficiency.


The result of this new solution was a more efficient workflow with a 60% shorter turnaround time, a 20% increase in productivity, a 6% reduction in operational costs, and US$ 55k annual savings.


Shorter Turnaround Time


Increase In Productivity


Reduction In Operational Costs


Annual Savings

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