Process standardization is key to reduce variations and bring consistency in the process performance. It gives the organization a baseline to measure performance and enables the team to execute work efficiently with high quality.


An IT firm’s global process in the order management domain was redundant and different across regions, leading to an in-effective and in-efficient process and impacting service delivery to the global sales team.


Developed a framework to define the strategy and approach to standardize the process. Incorporated existing process documents, organizational goals and objectives and the impact of the inefficient process on key operational metrics. Additionally, a comprehensive study through process mapping was done to understand the global process and variations within each region, inputs from subject matter experts to develop a baseline. Breaking down the approach into phases helped to stay focused and accomplish standardization of the process resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.


Standardization helped in having 20% shorter cycle time, a 15% reduction in errors, a 30% increase in productivity, organization capability to increase transaction volumes by 25% without any additional staff and annual savings of US$ 27K.


Shorter cycle time


Reduction in errors


Increase in productivity


Increase transaction volumes


Annual savings

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