Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is important to an organization because it provides purpose, direction and outlines measurable goals. The plan enables organizations to set priorities, and to focus on resources and energy to achieve and maintain an organization’s competitive advantage.


The existing strategic plan of the client was created for the fiscal year 2015 through 2017. To stay competitive in the market, a long-term strategic plan was required to meet the need of customers and build organizational capabilities.


We developed a customized strategic planning process that included strategic visioning, reviewing organization health through SWOT analysis, developed new strategies, focused discussion ensuring consensus and to capture key success factors and identifying metrics to measure organizational performance.


The strategic planning process helped the customer to create a core framework and direction in designing its future establishing realistic goals and objectives consistent with organizational mission. The growth and operational strategies identified enabled the customer to develop a clear path to keep pace with changing client needs, funding and have a sustainable competitive advantage.

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