Over the years, I have worked with many consultants. I am especially grateful to Anil for his ability to bring his “for-profit” experience to the non – profit sector. As the executive director of the International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) an organization that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, I am particularly impressed with Anil’s acumen and ability to help IIBA craft a strategic plan that sets a clear path forward with qualitative and quantitative metrics that will help us assess and measure our impact as an organization. Anil is skilled, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Executive Director, IIBA

Anil has helped me analyze the business to look for ways to improve our company?s marketing and operations processes. He has shown great insights in identifying our key advantages and provided methods of applying these into our overall operations & marketing strategy. He has also shown, to be honest in pointing out where my company?s branding is inconsistent and helped to guide me in ways to correct this. I have had the pleasure of working with Anil. I would recommend Anil as a thoughtful and skilled business consultant.

Owner, Erector Sets Inc.

Anil was great to work with! He created a strategic plan and process document for Somo. It has given us a way to better track how well we are accomplishing our goals for the year, better evaluate the quality of output of our team and better measure how we are creating impact and gave our organization a clearer structure to better accomplish our goals for the year. He is super thoughtful and meticulous at every point. I would very highly recommend him!

Executive Director, Somo Project

Anil’s skill as a business strategist and coach is outstanding! He was able to guide our organization through the process of starting a new program that we believed would build capacity and provide a funding source for our program. He patiently guided us through each step of the process. This included assisting us in building a comprehensive organizational chart, extensive financial analysis, cost projections, and the expected outcome. He helped me to engage my board of directors in critical thinking to assure that this new program aligned with our mission. I could tell that Anil has a passion for his work and a desire to help organizations like ours succeed. I am so thankful to have a person of his caliber to coach us to make the decision not to add the additional program which could have been a costly mistake. We immediately started working with a renewed focus on our current programs, and have already received additional support and funding. Anil is the best!

Executive Director, Society of extraordinary women

Anil was an invaluable asset to getting our company through some of the initial stages of starting my business. He reviewed our business plan through many drafts, and while he always took care to point out the parts that were effective, he also was able to identify where more work was needed. More impressively, his recommendations were always targeted to our specific needs, even though my business model was new to him, and I was in a completely different geographic region. As a result of his help, our business plan was solid enough that we were able to secure a good lease in a terrific location, despite this being our first business. On top of that, because our plan is so well laid out we feel like we have a better understanding of what our business goals are, and what steps we need to take to achieve those goals.

Owner, Trivium Games

Anil is a driven professional who knows how to get things done. He is very skilled in pinpointing and analyzing business challenges and is very experienced in building and executing strategies. He quickly identified business complexities and challenges and through that, defined an ambitious and realistic action plan, secured commitment of stakeholders and ensured implementation in a remarkably efficient way resulting in seamless operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Services Delivery Head, Infosys BPM

Anil came in and had a large task in a very short about of time. He worked hard with the team and took a short timeline and turned it into a major success! Allowing this business plan to be one of the 16 finalists chosen to move forward to the next step! What a great experience working with Anil!

CEO, Foundation for C.H.O.I.C.E